STRESS. It has now hit me.

I have so much to doooooo. (Kinda). Must pack up stuff and put in loft. Must pack rucksack for travelling. Must pack clothes for Fri/sat/sun. Take stuff to charity shop. Get bike to Phil. Redirect post. Complete all laundry. Change bed clothes. Win competition for Chris ( – vote for the one with Logic Lane posted by charliebrown please. Sell car. Put car money in bank. Check bank. Change money. Take laptop for Kev. Find phone charger for mum and give her new mobile phone. Complete sorting out iPod. Cancel car insurance. Fret. Book train ticket for thursday night. Off load random food stuffs to Naomi/Phil. Print out all travel docs & insurance details. Clean out car. Wash car. Do final invoice for work. Remove all my stuff from my work PC.

I have taken thursday off work so I can get some sleep and get this all done. I’ve got sinusitis at the moment and I really can’t afford to be ill the minute I get to Melbourne. I must not push myself too much.

Liz – can you please get me a uk to Aus adaptor and a SIM card for the phone? 

In other news, I am massively sick of the Careful Driving radio adverts. They are upsetting me. The one with the little girl who haunts the bloke is just horrible.


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