I fixed the hair. I look normal now. Chris laughed at me. The bastard. He was right tho, it looked awful.

So far 11 people have asked me if I’m packed yet. I don’t understand. Surely you only pack a couple of days before you go? I leave on friday morning for Oxford and then depart from Heathrow on Sunday morning. I’m having a leaving do on Wednesday night, so I reckon I might tidy up my room tonight and put all my crap in the loft then. Pack on tuesday. Repack on thursday. leaving everything out.

Things to do.

  1. Get car cleaned, and remove all my shit from it. MUST STOP LIVING IN CAR
  2. Put all my stuff in the loft.
  3. Tidy out/give food away. Remove everything from food cupboard.
  4. Review bank account (argh)
  5. Redirect post (?) I’m not sure that this is worth doing given I get like 1 letter a week.
  6. Find mobile phone. I’ve never lost a mobile before, I really hope that it’s in Chris’s car.