Wicky wicky weekend

Sheesh, what a day! No sleep, lack of car, and massive headache has meant that I didn’t leave for work until about 11ish. My housemate gave me a lift into town and I found the bus stop for Portishead. Oh joy, the road into Portishead is shut as there was an accident. So the bus dumps us at the Services and oh yay, there is no way to get to Portishead other than to walk. So I rang the lovely Heather at work who kindly came to fetch me by going through the back roads. Whew. I did spend some time hanging around the layby where the bus dropped me. People were looking at me funny. I think they thought I was a prostitute. Joy!

My car is ready to be collected,  £547 worth of repairs and services later. Sob. Will still have to see whether Amy will be able to purchase the car – I’ve dropped the price and she has offered to pay half for the repairs. Still, the boot is fixed so if she doesn’t want to purchase it, then I’m sure I’ll be able to sell it, or rather my 2nd hand car salesman mother will be able to do it. She’s ace at things like that!

Off to Oxford tonight to see the wonderful Chris. And then heading into London tomorrow afternoon for Mishka & Dan’s leaving do (and my mini do). Can’t wait to see all my lovely friends.