25 things meme from Facebook.

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people or more to be tagged.

1. I am quite addicted to Go Fug Yourself.com

2. I have an entire ritual of blogs and news to check when I get into work in the mornings and I am concerned about how I am going to manage when I’m travelling.

3. I’m going travelling around Australia and SE Asia in 9 days time. I shall be gone for 4 months and have no major goals other than a) a tan b) relaxing c) mooching around cities d) seeing the Great Barrier reef e) going to Vietnam and general travelling.

4. I am peculiarly dense and weigh much more than I look.

5. I love clothes, shoes and make up and other girly things and I love that I’m still a feminist. I love the use of colour and clothing to change my appearance. I don’t think that loving how you look is an unfeminist thing.

6. I’m naturally a redhead but I am dying my hair blonde tonight. Beach blonde. I wonder if they do have more fun.

7. I struggle with housework and really shouldn’t live without a cleaner of some kind. OCD housemates work really well too.

8. I love reading the headings in my Spam folder. It can keep me giggling for hours. How can you argue with things like "Check up as far as you are strong and can be stronger", "Your private xxx life willbe so good that you wont help from boasting it." and "Hey, are you the guy who cannot make love?"

9. I am utterly obsessed with getting a dog. And my Trifle cat back and living in a nice house (with a cleaner)

10. I am linguistically independant(TM Mishka Bustamante) and always try and speak the local language whenever I go somewhere rather than relying on people I am with. Even if they can speak the language.

11. I can’t use a chinese style toilet.

12. I can’t live without music, my ipod or ambient music noise around me. Except for chart RNB which sends me into a fit of rage.

13. I like driving but I actually hate owning a car – its too much responsibility for me really. I think I’d fall apart if I owned a house. I like my bike tho and I loved owning and riding a scooter and might get another one of those.

14. I am really bad with money and struggle to save or spend appropriately. I like to shop and can’t calculate properly.

15. I love the internet, I got into it when I was young and non-cynical and I really believed in what it could do and how it could change peoples lives. I still believe in it but there’s a lot more bullshit to cut through and a lot of cynical marketing bollocks and people jumping on a bandwagon which makes it all less rewarding.

16. My favourite colour is green, my favourite food is chicken katsu curry and my favourite drink is vodka lime & soda.

17. I have tried lots of drugs from illegals to anti-depressants and don’t like any of them.

18. I’ve had cosmetic surgery and it changed my life.

19. I sneeze a lot.

20. I can’t eat fruit and worry about getting scurvy a lot.

21. I blog every day. Usually inane bollocks but I quite like it.

21. I recently cut my hair really really short and I love it. I am never going back to having long hair again. I look younger and I spend so much less time fiddling about with it.

22. I have met lots of people from the internet and some of them are now my best friends. My last 3 boyfriends have also been purchased from the internet.

24. I would never date a south African man ever again. Fucking freaks, the lot of them.

25. My language is abysmal. I swear way to much but love it.

I tag you all. DO IT NOW .

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  1. I recently cut my hair really really short and I love it. I am never going back to having long hair again. I look younger and I spend so much less time fiddling about with it.
    Yep know that for sure.

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