why is everyone asking me whether I’m packed yet?

NO I HAVEN’T PACKED. I still have 12 days. I haven’t even tried packing my rucksack and I only really have a vague list of things that I am going to take. Basically I am screwed. I’m going to do my usual trick of packing at 3am after over-consumption of alcohol and then buying everything when I get there. I really don’t see why this trip is going to be any different. Just throw a bunch of stuff into a bag and go. I know I’m going to be away for ages but I’ll just have to cope. I’m so hard core.

I did buy a new swimming costume last night tho, a retro red and white polka dot one from Tesco. It’s so cute and retro. All I need is a big sun hat and a white towel for lounging around looking all 60s and modish. I’m such a poser. I shall make Chris take a photo of me posing like that when I’m on the beach in Vietnam! 

Less than 2 weeks until I go. Its going so fast and I’ve pretty much planned out something every day before I go.
Tonight – dinner @ Phil, tomorrow Clair comes to visit and we go for dinner, Thurs I’m going personal shopping for Naomi & Phil and for a burger, friday I’m going to Chris’s, Saturday I’m going to London, Sunday I shall collapse at home. Wed 5th is my leaving do in Bristol, Thursday 6th I am working and then finishing packing, Friday 6th I’m off to Chris’s and then Sunday morning I am off to Melbourne via Hong Kong!!

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