More Seville

Mishka and I did a walking tour on the saturday morning and managed to see some really cool sights in this old market hall. We both definitely fancied him – Hernan Cortez – who was an explorer in America. Just look at those amazingly twirlable moustaches.

Seville itself is set on a beautiful river – its 90kms from the coast but Seville was originally the capital of Spain and also the richest city as its where the tobacco from America was brought in and rolled in the factories there. These days, it’s just lovely to stroll alongside the river and perhaps over the bridge into Triana which was the ceramic quarter where artisans and craftsmen created fabulous painted tiles and ceramics. (Mishka is not allowed to be let lose there as her bowl obsession may overwhelm her!)

Here’s an example of some painted tiles – from left to right at the top – Hope & her Anchor, Charity and Faith and the bottom is St George slaying the dragon (about the side of a rat!) and I think, St Salvador who appears when Spain is in need of a hero. This is the Chapel attached to the Charity Hospital.

And when you talk about Seville, of course you can’t miss out the oranges. Seville oranges are bitter and mainly used for making marmalade. They are everywhere. Every single street is lined with orange trees and it adds a lovely feel to the whole city

and the Cathedral! Wow

And the inhabitants are so glamorous!