Food in Seville

The Fish Mongers with their enormo prawns (probably langoustines) and other fish in ice in the windows ( you can see Mish looking on in amazement reflected in the glass)

I’ve got no idea what this is called but it’s basically red wine and lemonade over ice. Lovely and refreshing and light. (figured it out, Tinto de verano)

I realise it was a little cold for ice cream but you really can’t beat Mint choc chip ever.

And what would a report on Seville be without mentioning the Tapas?

Radishes in a special olive oil, sprinkled with salt. I think this was the first time I had ever tried radishes and I won’t be hurrying back. What strange tasting things they are!

Cod on toasted bread with sweet onions and red peppers on top. This was the most perfectly cooked cod I have ever had. Flakey and moist and wonderful.

Quails eggs on chorizo on toast – like a mini fried breakfast – so delish

and the jamons just hanging around!