Viva Espana

Tis pretty great here. Seville is a seriously lovely place. I´m here checking things out and spending time with the delishka Mishka. She´s just left Britian for a new life here with her beloved boyfriend and darling Chica cat. They´ve found jobs, an apartment and met some friends already and I´m just dead impressed. Here is her peering through an onion ring at my birthday.

The weather is warmish – warmer than London but still not hot hot yet. The summers here hit about 40C but today its been about 12C which is remarkably pleasant given that its been about 6c at home! Grim. In other news, we´ve had tapas twice and it´s been delish and we´re heading out this evening for more scrummy tapas. I do like the fact that you get a couple of small portions of everything. Its really yummy.

I managed to navigate Madrid all by myself in a completely unflappable state and the whole time I was wandering through the city, hopping on and off the rather complex metro and wandering through the airport, I was just in such a state of happiness. And even hopping on the faintly expensive train to Seville was awesome. I guess I just love travelling. I´m so glad I´ve done this just before heading off on a rather epic trip. it´s kinda reaffirmed my faith in myself.

Today we did a walking tour of Seville as recommended by the estimable Mr Bird and the guy who led it was quite excellent. We walked from about 10am until about 2pm with only 1 quick stop for a drink. And then we´ve spent most of the afternoon walking as well. My feet ache! Good exercise tho. And a wicked way to see a rather lovely city.

Next week is poverty week, or rather, eat the weird things I´ve got in my kitchen cupboards. I have plenty of random things, I just need to make up some dishes! I´d rather finish off everything rather than put it into storage and stuff.