Soooo cheeky!

I just requested cake from the supplier we are going to a meeting with shortly! In fact, I have just informed the supplier that my colleague has requested cake. Thereby dropping 2 people in it. I hope we get cake. I’m quite hungry. The lasagne I made last night was quite rubbish. I had it for lunch today as well. Quite un-satisfying and low-fat mozzarella tends to repeat on you.Ugh. Made it to the gym last night too – bodypump- which wasn’t fun at all.

I have confirmed payment of my invoice for this Friday so I shan’t be starving in Sevilla. Marvellous. And I can then book my flights from Brisbane to Darwin and more importantly, my flight from Darwin to Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon). And train tickets for next weekend so I can see my lover and go to London.