Lasagne tonight

I haven’t made lasagne for absolutely ages and ages and tonight is the night! I’m making some substitutions in order to fit in with my new Weight Watchers diet – notably low fat mozzarella on top and I’m adding some extra red peppers for extra vegetableness. Plus I have some new tricks and advice from the Turtles  – a) round edged dishes are okay, just rinse the lasagne in water and then they are soft enough to cut to the right shape (how did I never think of this before?). b) Put a layer of lasagne at the bottom for neatness of serving. Okay! 5 points a serving apparently which I think is quite reasonable.

I am super hungry today so 2 servings tonight and then 1 tomorrow lunch and 1 Wednesday lunch. Which sorts lunches out (except must buy some salad!). Tomorrow night’s dinner is sushi out (40% off voucher at Yo!Sushi) and then Wednesday I shall have thai red curry with lots of veggies and maybe mussels or prawns.

Tonight I am going to BodyPump for the first time in almost 6 weeks. OUCH. I am not expecting to be able to walk tomorrow. I shall go again on Thursday and Wednesday will involve a run in the gym.