Weekend away

It was utterly blissful.

Chris picked me up at 2ish on Friday(after waiting patiently for me to finish packing) and I took him to Roccatillos for a birthday burger. We then set off for Tenby and it started to rain. Poor Chris had a long drive in some rather nasty weather but luckily had me feeding him jelly babies whenever he felt faint. We arrived at Rose Cottage which was a lovely little B&B near Tenby where we settled into our room and then headed off to Tenby to find dinner and have a mooch around. Really pretty in the moonlight.

Saturday morning we headed off to Barafundle Bay and had a fabulously long windy walk along the clifftops, finding lots of lovely little bays and amazing views.

We did some mucking around on the beach and Chris did some trying to fly into the rather extreme wind!

we tried to make friends with some ponies but they weren’t having any of it.

In the afternoon we headed over to St Govan’s Chapel which is an amazing little chapel on a beach hidden away. Saturday evening we headed back to Tenby for a lovely dinner at the Blue Ball restaurant – which was utterly delis(see Tenby food porn post)

Sunday morning we bounded out of bed early and headed into Tenby in the glorious sunshine and then after some tea & cake, headed up to the Black Mountains to see what we could see – mainly snowy mountain roads and glorious views.


Am home sweet home now and Chris has left for his hellish week ahead. I’m going to miss him so much when I’m away.