Spring & Summer 2009.

I am going to almost completely miss Spring by dint of being travelling the world but I will be back in late May which to me is the start of the summer. Currently, as I have been as ruthless as a ruthless person, I have managed to get rid of approximately  2/3rds of my clothing and shoes in the last 6 months. It’s been nearly weekly trips to the charity shop and I have been getting rid of anything that just doesn’t look right or doesn’t fit right or is damaged or is just too old to be worn in public. The only things I haven’t managed to get rid of is some rather extravagant dresses for formal occasions and quite a few skirts that are just too tight around my stomach.

So I have a few rules for Spring & Summer 2009 and any clothes purchasing that I do. A sort of mini checklist that I have to go through before purchasing.
– fit
– practicality
– flattering
– too trendy to last?
– what will I be able to wear it with?
– have I tried it on? 

Trends I would like to use: –
jade green
shrunken jackets
spectrums of blue
metallic leather

Work clothes. So I’m looking at buying some interesting basics. I have a great pair of black trousers already. I have some lovely black shirts – pleated or ruffled with corsage waist which I can wear with my white shirts. Which I really should start ironing! I have a fabulous green blouse and a great black belt which will look good with the skirts & blouses. They’re all a little tight now but I should be slimmer by the time I come back from travelling and it WILL all fit. I have a great white skirt with wide black ribbons on it. That should sort out my work wardrobe. I think I may need some smarter shrunken jackets as my only other work jacket is looking a little tatty now.

Casual clothes. I think a pair of indigo skinny jeans plus a few assymetric tops in green and blue and yellow will look good. Some really huge chunky necklaces in similar colour. Maybe a new pleated skirt in green or blue. I have some metallic leather bags already. I’d like a few stand out summer dresses. I have a great Marrimekko dress in orange and pink plus 3 lovely blue dresses.

Shoes. Understated, mid heel and quirky. 2 pairs of sandally type things that I can wear to both work and play.

Accessories.  A couple of corsagey type things for hair & jackets, a few big necklaces and perhaps a summery hat.All good.

I am going to be organised and buy things I really really like rather than random stuff that I just throw together in a random fashion.