Momentous occasion.

I went to the gym. Really. 40 mins of exercise. About 10 mins of actually running within 40 mins of very fast walking. I feel rather pleased with myself and very glad that I went. Will take gym stuff to work and try and go after work tomorrow.

I’ve also signed up for a trial with Weight Watchers online for 2 weeks and am going to see how that goes. Phil has been going religiously and has not been religious about tracking her points and she’s lost 9lbs in a month or so. I really do like the neat little interface and strangely, I am already finding it easier to stick to points rather than calories. I have no idea why.

My IBS is utterly rubbish at the moment and I’m coming off the anti-depressants without the massive dip in mood that happened last time. So pleased. I feel so cheerful and happy.

2 thoughts on “Momentous occasion.

  1. I managed to lose about a stone and a half through WeightWatchers between May-December last year – albeit by proxy as it was Francesca doing it and me having more sensible meals (no more home made pizza evenings 🙂 and keeping track of points (1 point == 70 calories or 4g saturated fat). She’s managed to lose over 4 stone in that time.

    • That’s good to know, I know it works really well for some people, I’m just really quite rubbish at sticking to stuff and I always struggle to lose weight.We shall see what happens in 2 weeks tho. Fingers crossed.

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