I fancy some Chop Suey

Or other form of chinese food. Unfortunately I think that means I shall have to have some form of micromeal from Waitrose as there is nothing open in Portishead that would aid my cravings. Oh well. Sob. It’s alright really, I need to do some food shopping anyways. I made fried smoked  river cobbler last night and I really didn’t like it so I have no lunch for today. I am going to do a cupboard inventory in the next few evenings and see how and what I can make that will last me until I go. This could make some very interesting and random meals.

I’m so looking forwards to our weekend in Tenby. I suspect the weather might be quite rubbish but we shall take hiking boots in any case.

I might be able to do some Monk watching too.
Caldey Island Monastery, Caldey Island, Tenby
Caldey offers a chance to view the wildlife who inhabit the Island. There are opportunities for bird and seal watching and also you can do a bit of monk watching.
We’re staying in a rather nice looking b&b with a very friendly owner and it isn’t too expensive. Plus no flowery bed spreads which is quite important these days. Plus I have booked dinner at a well recommended restaurant http://www.theblueballrestaurant.co.uk/home.htm