Extra work!

How great, a blast from the past – who I used to do work for in the past has just asked me to make a load of amends to a site that I built back in the dark ages. Marvellous. Every little helps with the travel money fund 🙂 Especially the money my aunt & uncle gave me on the weekend – exceptionally kind of them but it will definitely help with the travelling.

Chris’s birthday during the week. I’m still agonising over a little gift. Stupid Bristol Guild has sold out of the glasses I wanted to buy him and they were lovely. Ah well, I think I’ve found a cheap iPod Shuffle for him which will be awesome. It had better arrive in time. This way, when we’re travelling and I want to plug my headphones in and ignore him, he has his own music to listen too. It will also help as he’s determined to start running and it can block out the pain of his running.

Travel Report
Contact lenses ordered
Train tickets to Adelaide booked
Train ticket to Sydney booked

On friday payday
Book plane tix from Brisbane to Darwin
Book plane tix from Darwin to Saigon(Ho Cha Minh City)
Find hostel for first night in Siagon

Also book train tickets for Spain, ouch! they are so expensive. And attempt to book bed & breakfast in Tenby for this weekend, they aren’t answering their phones.