I do like a good bit of barbering

Hair is now short. Very short. I love it. Have purchased some blonde to do it blonde tomorrow. If I screw up the blonde then I shall get a hairdresser to fix it. I really love the hair tho. She cut it so well and was so pleasant about it. It all ended up costing me £19 as well as I had a £25 voucher. Gave the hairdresser at £5 as tip too.

Cat is still fat. Very fat. Luckily, not my cat.

2 thoughts on “I do like a good bit of barbering

  1. i wanna gonna say how amazingly cool u look but i am now envious of it costing £19 when mine cost £26 AND I’M A BOY… outragreous
    but i dig the short hair! looks cool

    • LOL. I love you. Chris hates it. He wants long haired girlfriend. He will have to cope 😀
      If it makes you feel better, it should have cost £36.50.

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