Things to do before I go

First aid kit
Send all insurance & passport docs etc to gmail & make copies.
Spare SD card for camera
multi plug adaptor – what does Australia use? 
USB sticks for storing images on
list of clothes.
microfibre towel
Nano wall charger
phone charger

Sell car or fix car & sell car
write to OR
tidy bedroom & put everything away
change money
get emergency credit card from mum?

contact lenses? 
visit doctor re drugs

10 thoughts on “Things to do before I go

  1. Get a power of attorney for mum, she then can do banking stuff if the need arises. (My brother does this for me, it is dead handy.)
    Any good travel shop will have a UK to Australian adaptor. We have flat pins.
    microfibre towels rock.
    Get a big SD card. My camera will put 2000 or more pictures on a 8gb card.
    Use flickr for storage as well. Oh, a great piece advice, don’t delete photos using the screen on the camera. I have stopped doing that, and ones I thought had not worked on the screen where lovely big!

    • Oooh thats a good idea about Power of attorney.
      I’ve got a 4GB card which takes about 800 photos but I generally manage to do 400 in a week when I’m away!
      I use Picasa for image storage usually. And yes, I know what you mean about not deleting based on a little screen. It really is surprising how well some have come out.

  2. i always think a smaller SD card is better.. who wants to sort through 10,000 images… if your SD is small you’ll be more selective and probably take better shots!
    don’t forget your 100ml bottles for hand luggage toiletries… altho i now just buy travel size stuff when I’m thru the gate.

  3. multi plug adaptor – what does Australia use?
    You can get them here for about $8. 240V.
    Also remember to bring prescription/letter from your doctor about medications including dosage and stuff. Not so important here but for asia for definite. Contact lenses are expensive here I recommend ordering from Japan or bringing some with. $90 for 3 months (those are the good ones)

    • Good point about the doctor. I’d better go see her next week too. I’m going to start coming off the anti-depressants soon.
      My current lenses are £20 for 2 months so I’ll order some more of them 🙂

  4. Oh, and I was going to buy you a microfibre towel for your borthday but they were soooooo expensive in SA. They’re $30 here for a large one, but you could just use mine. I won’t need it and if I do I’ll buy a new one and charge you!

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