Already. I am actually too cold to go to the gym. I’m in bed, huddled in my electric blanket and shivering slightly. I went into the loft tho which was major exertion. I was supposed to go to BodyPump but the teacher let them down unexpectedly so it was cancelled. I am actually too tired and cold to move after being frozen at work all day today. Might go to sleep early.

Weigh in on Day 1.
12 stone exactly. Or 76.6 kgs.

On the plus side, food consumption was excellent.

Choc slimfast shake. (Note to self, that shaker just shakes choc milk all over you)
Slimfast pretzel snack
Slimfast smoothie
Slimfast choc caramel bar
1 Roses chocolate
3 steamed veggie gyoza (about 150 cals)
roast potatoes (75 cals)
butternut, yellow pepper & goats cheese roast – (200 cals)
1 chicken thigh wrapped around Caerphilly with red pesto coating (200cals)

and oops – a carrot cake. 402 cals. Double oops. I didn’t realise it was that many cals.