Already. I am actually too cold to go to the gym. I’m in bed, huddled in my electric blanket and shivering slightly. I went into the loft tho which was major exertion. I was supposed to go to BodyPump but the teacher let them down unexpectedly so it was cancelled. I am actually too tired and cold…


So cold. My office heating has stopped working. The weather has taken a turn for the worse. It will be -4 tonight apparently. Today2° | -4°Tue0° | -6°Wed3° | 0°Thu3° | -3°   In fact, it was this cold when we went to Dover on the weekend and the cliffs really are that white.

Hiking Sandals

Where the bloody hell do I find these in January in the UK? I realise they are exceptionally ugly and no sane person wants to wear them but I need them for travelling with. Help!

23 working days

I can’t believe this is all I have left. Mind you, I’m really fairly bored so I won’t be sad to go. Which will net me £2737. Minus food and entertainment. If I can spend less than £700 (which should be doable) then I will have over £3000 to travel with for 3 months. I…