I just ordered a japanese take away. Yummy. Chicken katsu curry and veggie gyoza.

I am home now, I spent most of this afternoon driving back from London. I am shattered. It took me almost 4 hours – including the stop at Tesco to purchase SlimFast and milk to power up said Slimfast. And then I got home to find about a million cars parked on our road. No idea why. I’ve unpacked the car and put all my food away but have no emptied my suitcase yet. Too boring. Maybe in a bit. It’s COLD. Brrr. Unsurprisingly considering that is 2C. And -2C at night. Snow is forecast.

Also the internet is bizarrely slow. Things keep crashing.

I think I will book a youth hostel for the first 3 nights in Melbourne in a few weeks time once I know where Liz & Andew live.

Rather pleasingly it is 14C in Seville at the moment which is almost civilised. I’m going there in 3 weeks time. This weekend is Aunt & Uncle and then Mum, weekend after is Tenby with the boy, then Seville, then London and then I’m off! Woo. Once Chris has booked his flights then I shall be booking mine to Cambodia and Vietnam.