Monday the diet begins. Time for a proper blitz. My new jeans are tight tight tight. My stomach has expanded and I feel rather blobby. After the exhaustion of LighterLife I don’t think I can do something that doesn’t involve proper food so I’m going to do Slimfast. I am well aware that this isn’t for everyone etc etc but I know it will work and I know that I can stick to it.

I shall have a break on the weekend of the 16th and the weekend of the 23rd as I am away for those two but otherwise I shall be doing them.

I shall also be doing 30 mins of exercise a day whether its a walk at lunch time or a run/gym session. I want to go away weighing as close to 11stone as possible. Or less. I WILL BE SLIM. Once I’m travelling, I expect my weight to drop or stay the same I should be getting plenty of exercise and won’t be bored snacking.

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