How fat is your tail?

Well? How fat is it? 

Hello 2009. How you doin’?

So far this year I have:-

  • broken into Brockwell Park to watch the fireworks over the Eye
  • stayed sober for NYE entirely
  • had a good evening with some lovely friends and Chris
  • slept late
  • had another nap
  • watched Labyrinth and had a nap in that.
  • done a load of washing
  • procrastinated doing the cat litter tray.

So far so good. It’s quite cold. I might go and make dinner in a bit. Baked chicken thighs, roast pots and veggies.

This year I am going to do the following.

Have lots of fun.
Enjoy my travels
Be slim and fit
Come back to England and be with Chris and save up to pay off my tax bill.
Get Trifle back
Perhaps get a hound. Mainly so I can say ‘release the hounds’ when I go walking.

I think those sound cool.