6 thoughts on “I have tried very very hard but I can’t take it any more

    • I doubt you guys are boring and it would be fun. I guess I just hate the time of year more than the day itself.
      I’m going to have fun with my mum anyways.

      • Naaah, I like it when people love Christmas but I’m such a Scrooge. I like doing presents for people but it sucks when you’re utterly broke, I like making nice food but it sucks when your mum’s electricians have fucked up and we’re ovenless, I like the chilling out and not having to work but given that it means I am going to be broke in Jan then its rubbish.
        Plus I can’t get rid of this bloody perma-headache and can’t bear Christmas songs.
        Sorry. What a horrible rant. I am sure you guys are going to have a lovely day with amazing food and cheerful people šŸ™‚

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