A Serious Case of CBA

to diet.

Seriously. I’m doing shedloads of exercise and it’s actually kicking in now so provided I don’t do the going overboard thing I am not going to diet. I was all fired up yesterday to go full on Atkins but seriously, it’s too much effort. Will just stick to healthy fruit and veg and lean meats/fish.

And ignore the chelsea bun I am busy eating!

2 thoughts on “A Serious Case of CBA

  1. i have foregone daily lunch time sandwhich in favour of salad…albeit rather nice pre-made Waitrose salad…and a a few pieces of fruit and nuts for snacking during the day
    its actually cheaper than canteen krap…our kanteen is expensive as fuck…and its easy
    also replaced ordinary pastsa with wholegrain pasta from Waitrose again…possibly horrible but will report on how good/bad it is… i reckon with a good sauce it won’t be too bad…again i reckon i can’t get away from pasta for sheet ease of use and quickness so at least this is as healthy as it gets with extra fibre
    and as per the credit crunch all portions have been slashed…dire…dire
    *munches jacobs cracker with light soft cheese and sweet chilli* gaah buggered already…

    • I think salads instead of sandwiches are definitely the way forwards. Bread is bad. V bad. Unless its posh bread without preservatives.
      I quite like wholegrain pasta, it’s nice.
      Small portions because of the credit crunch. sob.

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