Totally awesome to catch up with all the girls on the weekend 🙂 Really lovely.  Friday night I drove over to Mishka’s, running a gauntlet of dodgy driving and masses of traffic, we then hopped on her moped and drove up to Clair’s where we drank wine, swapped clothes and danced around like lunatics until 2 am. Saturday I went to Balans with Kiri, Rebecca, Paul, Mish & Dan. We ate lovely food and gossiped loads. And then I went for a long walk in Hyde Park with mum and then back to Mishka’s to shower and depart for Oxford.

The Photographer and I then went to see the Dark Knight, which was overly long, a little disappointing and well, a little boring in places. Given I really do like comic books and stories from them, I can say that I liked the storyline but wasn’t convinced about the Two Face storyline being included as well. Heath Ledger was utterly fabulous tho. Amazing amazing actor.

Sunday- the photographer and I travelled around Oxford and mooched basically. Saw some lovely gardens and some great looking colleges. It was actually quite sunny and warm. Last ditch summer I expect.

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