lunch was a prawn salad and 2 chocolate biscuits. Now is the time to review my diet. I want to lose this weight. I have 9kgs to go and £6 until I get paid on friday. Lunches are pitta bread, hummous & soups. Dinner tonight will be a jacket potato Tomorrow – pasta & tomato sauce…


  It’s a hard life having such fabulous weekends. I’ve just spent a weekend with some of my favouritest peoples, doing some of my favouritest things. Namely:-


It’s a wonderful wonderful feeling. Knowing that I can’t be hassled any more. It’s been such a difficult decision to make but I’m so glad I made it and I’m so glad that its all over and done with now. My only issue today is that my blouse keeps flashing too much chest. Ah well.


Or payrise rather. Supercool. I can afford more stuff now. I also have more work to do which means less farting around on the internet. Sob. And I have a new bank account now.