Well I can safely say that I am not happy to be back in the real world and would prefer to be away, not thinking about money or work or anything like that.

But anyways.

Aberdeen to Edinburgh. 306kms.

7 days.

We set off from Euston on the Caledonian Sleeper

On arrival in Aberdeen, we went for a brief cycle around to have a look, found ourselves some breakfast and then started our 27 mile cycle to Stonehaven.

it was a bit dark and moody but didn’t rain this day.
We did see some local wildlife

we made it into Stonehaven at about 3ish

and decided to have a nap before heading out for dinner with one of our delightful internet friends.
En route to the restaurant we did spot this tho

the next day dawned rather rainy but once we’d climbed the hill out of Stonehaven, it cleared up

We cycled past Dunnottar Castle

and spotted the bizarrest giraffe horse ever!

and went thru some puddles

Obviously, being Scotland, there were thistles everywhere

and at the end of the second day, we headed into Montrose for a well deserved dinner. We’d gotten completely soaked that afternoon in a sudden monsoon ( frankly, I suspected the second coming of the apocalyse) and arrived at our B&B wet, cold and rather soggy!

Luckily, Monstrose provided us with a delicious curry!

The third day also dawned a bit drizzly but we set of anyways for Abroath – home of the smokie!

and then headed for Carnoustie and lunch! After lunch we headed to Monifieth

and then onwards to our final destination of Broughty Ferry with it’s views overlooking the Tay and the Tay Bridge

when cycling over the bridge, the views were amazing – this is the edge of Tayport

And then! We encountered the worst hill yet at Balmerino!

Sheer hell and we both ended up pushing all the way to the top. Unfortunately this led the way into a day of hills as we missed a sign coming out of Newburgh and ended up taking the road to Strathmiglo. Which had the worst and longest hill we’d been on. Over an hour to climb it and mostly pushing our bikes all the way. It then took us about 10 mins to freewheel down the otherside. Gah!

But we did see some cute mountain goats on the top

and a romantic looking horse


we eventually made it through Falkland to our B&B in the Coaltown of Balgonie and had a superb dinner at the Balgonie arms and then pretty much passed out. We’d done 40 miles that day and cycled for over 5 hours. We were exhausted!

The next day dawned bright and clear and we set off – me to get the train to Leuchars as I wasn’t feeling particularly well and Clair to cycle up to St Andrews. We met later that afternoon in St Andrews and checked into our B&B – the flashest and nicest one we’d been in so far. It had free internet, washing machines and the hugest and loveliest bathroom! After powershowers and a short relax, we headed out for a fish & chip late lunch and then around St Andrews.

and then out for dinner at the Glasshouse restaurant.

The following day was rainy until we got to Leuchars where Clair found some swings

and we got on the train to backtrack a bit and hopped off at Kirkcaldy where it started drizzling in ernest.

so we set of cycling and managed a couple of huge hills and then a total deluge. Similar to being in a freezing power shower, we were rained on for about 30 mins and were soaked completely through in about 3 minutes. Full on sideways rain meant we had to stop for a few mins to wait it out and then suddenly it stopped and 30 mins later the sun was shining again.

We made it to our B&B in Dunfermline and headed into Edinburgh to watch some comedy shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. Jeff Green and then Stephen K Amos (youtube him – he’s superb)

the next day we did a 15 mile cycle into Edinburgh for our last day – crossing the Forth of Fife.

and later that morning we arrived in Edinburgh

Awesome trip. I can’t wait to do something like it again.

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  1. That all looks like so much fun.
    Vagabonds is on the last Saturday of every month here in olde London towne.
    Oh, lj cut for some of thos photos plese?

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