Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s better.

I am sitting on my sofa, in my flat, with my music playing and there is no one making strange noises or clattering about or sneezing or huffing or leaving debris anywhere. There is no random shit everywhere and no weird computers or mobile phones making Yoda sounds. BLISS!

I am feeling so much more at peace with myself now that I have everything back the way it should be.  

I am a bad daughter but 5 weeks of the parent & potential step parent is so exhausting especially on top of all the anxiety and depression I’ve been dealing with. I really needed some space and even with getting them to go out sometimes and making sure that I did stuff away it was still tiring. Anyways, sad to see them go, and they have realised that they’re not quite ready to move over here, they’re thinking they will spend the next year sorting the house and their lives out and then will think about moving sometime mid-2009. Or even 2010 depending on whether we actually have a recession or not.

So all good. Lovely day actually, breakfast with the Kevinator and then a little bit of shopping and purchasing for him (jeans, shirt, tshirt) and me (slinky black and white dress for £10), it’s silk and looks really nice on – better than on the hanger – its kinda tulip shaped so goes in around the knees and is super flattering.

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