Technical Wednesday

I’ve decided to run this week 1 day early because I am having friday off work. I think it makes sense really. Now all I have to do is to make sure that I don’t miss any of my appointments and dates.

So tonight, dinner with Mike & the Olds. Tomorrow, Michael is coming round for dinner & the Olds are going out, Thursday I’m meeting Jason for dinner and friday I’m going over to Rebecca’s for an evening of games and alcohol and staying over. Sunday I am cycling 26 miles. I’d better get in another couple of long cycles. I might cycle to Rebecca’s actually. Kilburn to Chislehurst could be good. I wonder how far it is? It’ll take an hour on public transport  and apparently 114 minutes on a bike. 17 miles. Which is very doable. I think I shall do that then.

Anyways. Super cool DSLR for sale. Nikon D70 plus lenses.
No idea what the lenses are. Good ones apparently. No idea how much to sell it for either. I basically never use it and don’t have the motivation to learn how to use it properly.

17 thoughts on “Technical Wednesday

  1. You’ll probably make more selling the parts separately, rather than as a big kit.
    Ebay is the way forward here, there’s a healthy used-camera-gear market there.

  2. 1) Nikon Nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.8 (Worth about 70 quid new I think, but actually a good lens)
    2) Sigma AF-D 105mm f/2.8 macro lens. Nice; about 290 quid new.
    3) I think the small thing with a blue circle is a close-up adaptor, I’m not sure – need a closer pic of the writing around it.
    4) The lens that’s currently on the camera in those pics.. I’d need a closer shot of the plate on the top that says “Nikon ED” in big letters, and more in smaller print.

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