6 outdoor shops. 1 selling size 3 hiking boots. Bastards. I am an adult really. Anyways, I bought some kids ones. Rather pleasingly they were £44 rather than the £60 I was expecting to spend. And socks. I bought proper hiking socks.

Oh and Thorntons Chocolate Cake bars are the NUTS. I wish to die in a tub of them please.   

5 thoughts on “I AM NOT A FREAK

    • Re: you are a freak!
      Yeah, but only one of those shops sold childrens’ hiking boots. Sad huh.
      I had one of those occasions where the woman asked me how old my child was when I asked whether they stocked size 3s 😦

      • Re: you are a freak!
        I have size four but are shorter than you, so hence don’t get asked that. Blacks have a good kids range.
        I have some size three cherry docs that I am going to ebay…

      • Re: you are a freak!
        Hmm, i’m not sure I can handle the pain of breaking in a pair of DM’s.
        The ‘assistants’ in Blacks were dismal, I couldn’t face conversing with them. They had kids shoes but no size 3s in stock.

      • Re: you are a freak!
        They are part broken because I have been trying to wear them. I am going to pop them up on embay in the next few weeks.
        I have to get a cheap white sheet to take photos with.

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