New career

I am quite determined to get out of this ridiculous industry I have found myself in. I’m sick of the poncing about, racing around after clients and generally being quite over-worked and over-cynical. So when I’m in Aus I have 2 options:-
1. Spend 3 months doing what I do now at $500-$600 a day in order save some money and get some cash behind me after a month or so of arsing around- current ideas = 5 days in Singapore on the way there, 1 week with Liz in Melb, 1 week in Sydney checking it out (Liz wanna come?)  and then hopefully a decision on where I shall spend the next 3 months and a job/job hunting.

2. Do random jobs – perhaps a shop? or a bar or a something until Xmas and then in Jan, spend 3 months doing a proper job and then consider my options.

Whatever happens – when I come back to the UK, I really don’t want to be in this industry. I need a new career, this is soul destroying, I can’t bear thinking about people as consumers. I don’t care about brands or web sites or the sheer pointlessness of working in an industry that doesn’t actually do anything meaningful any more.  What to do? I have some ideas.
Events management, fitness/nutrition instructor, professional dominatrix, who knows?

I am so full of angst at the moment. I really need to get back to being shallower

My hair looks rubbish. What should I do with it?

7 thoughts on “New career

      • I’m not sure I care that my suggestions are ludicrous.
        I thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that you should let your hair grow, and stop styling it, and let it be curly and wild for a god few months. THEN get a longer cut.
        Patience my child. Something I have very little of currently.

      • I am definitely letting it grow, I shall have long and flowing locks. But I have to style it in some way cos it has been 3 months since the last hair cut and it looks dreadful

    • however i much prefer Liz’s suggestion of just killing everyone else. Why go out with a whimper when you can go out with a bang-bang-bang-bang..

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