Work still at less than ideal situation. Both my boss and my programme manager are fully involved now and I have raised issues with them. My PM has waded in and pretty much taken over dealing with the offending character – I’m not really up to dealing with him very well.

In other news. Tonight I’m off out with Kiri and Sam. Kiri is cooking. This could all end very badly.

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to have a night to myself, I’m going to organise, tidy up and do all my washing, which is rather out of date at the moment. Quite quite disgraceful.

Friday I am having my wisdom teeth out at lunchtime. My poor mother has to come and collect me and take me home. And put up with me coming out of the sedation. Which I am hoping isn’t as bad as coming out of a general. So I shall be mostly hanging around at home being feeble and faintly pathetic. The weekend I shall be housebound to recover, barring a quick trip to Ikea. I’m going to be mostly sorting out the spare room and assorted boxes of sheer SHIT that is cluttering up my life. Plus having some visitors. And taking stuff to the charity shop/putting in car boot.

This amused me

I’m still trying to formulate a plan of action for everything but I’m considering going to Australia at the end of Sept/beginning of October for 3 months and then coming home in Dec/Jan to decide whether I want to stay in the UK or not. I’m going to apply for a work visa for Australia now and start plotting. I’ll also start thinking about jobs and where I want to work out there. Will probably stick to production stuff as its easy and fun. Will have to start thinking about what I will do with Trifle while I’m away.

Stupid Tesco’s just automatically renewing my house insurance. House insurance I forgot I had and should have cancelled last year. Bugger.

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