See what I did there? Too tired and unmotivated to post an entire title.

I am actually, bored. Bugger. I have this big project, and there is loads to do. And very little of it is my problem. I’m managing everyone and everything but I don’t really have that much to do. Oh well. I should be getting another linked project on board but meh, I’m a bit sick of this.

Anyways, I’m busy clearing the spare room at the moment. I need to build some new flatpacks that I got – a bookshelf and a shoe rack and both of those will make my life a bit better. Might have a go at one of them myself actually tonight but if it looks too much agony then I shall see if my boyfriend would like to do it. He’s good at random stuff like that. He is also good at buying me nice earrings.

We went to Windsor on sunday morning a brief jaunt out of London. We were both pretty tired so didn’t stay more than 3 hours or so but it was lovely.

4 thoughts on “Moti-slump

  1. He soooo looks like that guy in the Marian Keyes book.
    Or at least what I imagine he would look like, it being a book and all.

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