Staying alive ahahahaha

The gears on my bike keep randonly changing themselves sometimes. It’s just killing me. Sometimes they change so suddenly and violently(without me changing them on the handlebars) that they throw my feet off the pedals. It’s utterly freaking me out. I need to find a Halfords(hopefully the one at Hendon is closest) and get the bastarding thing fixed. I shall call them and rant when I have calmed down further. I think I shall leave the bike at work tonight unless I start feeling a bit better during the day and cycle home tomorrow night. To add insult to injury, my snack of blueberries decided to empty itself all over my backpack so I ended up spending 5 mins digging blueberries out of my bag.

Also, my new laptop has arrived today so I think I would prefer to go home with it on the tube tonight and then I can spend the evening being a complete geek.

Still, I am feeling very slim at the moment from all the cycling and my calves are looking rather nice. I still have randomly swollen glands and my wisdom teeth on the right are killing me tho. It’s making me properly exhausted with all this illness. All I do is have little catnaps all the time. Had to have a sleep on saturday afternoon after lunch and then a catnap while watching GoldFinger on sunday morning. Friday morning I had a 4 hour sleep after a full nights sleep. This is ridiculous.

I have just spend a faintly satisfying 15 mins reading Delia and Eat The Right stuff  and thinking about stuff to eat in the next few weekends. I’m determined to cook proper healthy food as my takeaway habit appears to be getting slightly out of hand and given that my lovely boyfriend appears to quite like spending time in the kitchen with me then it’s all good really.

2 thoughts on “Staying alive ahahahaha

    • Re: Re blueberries
      I have some lock tight containers – they rule. (I am so 80’s at the moment, it’s all about the tupperware!) but I just used to the box the blueberries came in.
      Ah well. The bike’s under warranty so it should be fixed by Halfords. Very annoying tho.

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