Why is pampering really about making yourself look civilised?

Seriously. Pampering is not shaving legs, doing face masks etc etc, it’s a bloody chore and no mistake. Anyways, I look cleaner now. Can’t do anything about the mind until someone invents the brainbleach but I think we’ll just try and pretend that it’s all normal in the Funkbrain.

My cycle home tonight felt a lot easier than it did on sunday evening. And I was trying to digest curry as well, so even better really. I also think I have a reasonable route home now. Strangely it is different to the route in, but meh, no arguments here.  I wonder if I can handle cycling tomorrow and Wednesday. I have to be on Wigmore st at 8 am on Wednesday morning to meet Clair for breakfast at Wagamama’s – they’re experimenting with breakfasts and it sounds pretty interesting…

porridge oats mixed with milk and coconut cream,
served with an apple and chilli jam
can be served without coconut cream
breakfast yaki soba £5.50
teppan fried soba noodles with egg, smoked streaky bacon,
savoy cabbage, mushrooms and fresh chopped tomatoes
breakfast yasai yaki soba v £5.25
teppan fried soba noodles with egg, savoy cabbage, mushrooms,
caramalised red onions and fresh chopped tomatoes
wagamama kedgeree £5.50
a blend of sticky rice, naturally smoked haddock, spring onion and a
soft boiled egg bound in a curry sauce


Tomorrow evening I’m off for dinner with a work mate – new friend. Pretty cool to have made a proper friend at work, usually I just make random aquaintences but Sam’s pretty cool. Australian tho – and we all know how dodgy they can be 😉

Wednesday I have earmarked for the IrishMan but after my spectacular grumpyness over the weekend, he may not actually want to see me but I am going to try and bribe him into a movie at the local Tricycle cinema or at least I was until I realised that the only thing showing was Be Kind, Rewind. Which looks like a nice cold bucket of wank. Might rethink that one. Perhaps a trip to the Cineworld at Staples Corner might be the best option. But he does tend to talk in movies so I may have to bring the ball gag.

Also, I am thinking about these,
I like them all, but I can’t afford them all. I think the first 2. The last one is the most expensive.

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