Guns don’t kill people. People with moustaches kill people.

Tis true. Look at my one true love – Chuck Norris.

I think Jo’s rather prolific and rather funny posts are inspiring me to write more and more. *bows in the general direction of the Zen Master*

Things I have learnt recently –
I must get more sleep when I am ill otherwise I am in danger of spoiling a romantic evening by being too tired to eat or shag.
I really must stop believing people when they say they have paid you.
The wait for payday is interminable and gets longer every month.

On the plus side, I have bought the most beautiful dress ever for a party tomorrow night and after a few strap alterations it will be possible to wear all summer. Long and slinky and lovely looking. Proper payday present.

Tonight I’m off to see my friend’s new house and cheer up another friend who has broken up with her man. She sounds so shakey and wobbly and so unlike herself that I am quite quite worried. Hopefully this evening will help more and that she can make some plans for the future. Tomorrow is moving. Sunday is sleeping, exercising,  relaxing, cooking, organising my place and general pottering around.

And I am having changing hair crisis again. I have decided that I need to go darker. I might do a semi-perm tho so that it washes out and you can still see the blondey streaks. Perhaps a nice darker mahogany.