Waiting for Godot.

Actually not. More like waiting for payday.

I have things to buy. Pedicure booked for payday. I need some headphones for my iPod as mine appears to have stopped working in one ear unless they are in a particular position. They have also picked up the fushia hair dye from my hair, so perhaps black ones next time.

Purple hair dye for the streaks.

Rent. A biggie really. ah yes, and must phone the council re a single person discount. Innit great that the council feel so sorry for single people that they give them a 25% discount for living alone. Us poor sods. Even tho, er, well, um, I appear to be not really that single any more. Nice Irish.

A cutlery drainer and a shoe rack from Ikea. Another biggie because if I trip over the pile of shoes alongside my bed one more time I may scream loudly.

Except I accidentally just bought some rather slutty underwear at lunchtime. Oh well. There goes waiting for payday!

5 thoughts on “Waiting for Godot.

  1. I found more Charlie stuff when we moved furniture last night, including a camera battery charger!
    I think a drink is called for (after payday).

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