Must move

Away from my desk more often. I arrived at 9:45 and haven’t moved until 12:32. Which is quite rubbish really. I’m not busy at all at work, in fact I have about the grand total of zilch to do which is killing me really. My brain is turning to mush and my motivation is dropping badly. No sunday night anxiety yet about it but if I don’t have anything to do by the end of the week I may go stir crazy.

My waffle maker arrived on saturday tho – lovely present from my darling mother and we made waffles for breakfast on sunday. They were lovely. Properly sweet and lemony at the same time. Must get some icecream and possibly a healthier recipe for them.

Saturday was a day of mainly being stuck in the car – which was incredibly infuriating. It took me 2 hours to get to Twickenham to pick up Sarah. We went for lunch which was more than worth it as we had a massively long gossip and are nicely caught up now. She sounds so happy with life at the moment. have to buy her a nice birthday present this week as she gave me loads of pretty things. Her new house is lovely too.

Mind you, mine is rather lovely too. Needs a little more work – i.e. a shoe rack and a bit more tidying out but the lovely Irish rather nicely helped me organise the kitchen last night and we packed up a lot of my landladies things and I now have enough space for all my food and crockery. I need to take a load of stuff to the tip next weekend in order to tidy out the spare room in order to get everything in there in 2 weeks time. It should fit tho but will be a bit crazy for a while while I continue to get rid of things. And I need to get my pictures up and once that is done, it will be LOVELY.

Happiness. Actually, many things to be happy about at the moment.

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  1. liz has a great healthy waffle recipe…she got it online i think…ask her… its really tasty too… i normally don’t believe in diet versions of deserts but this waffle recipe is the shit

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