Back in Black

or not quite – blue today. Both in clothing and mood really. Am very tired after taking Irish to A&E last night. On saturday night he intervened in a mugging outside his block of flats and got smacked in the jaw. Result = sore head and a hairline jaw fracture. I knew he wasn’t 100% after he couldn’t eat the pancakes he made me. Pancakes being made for me was possibly one of the best welcome home presents ever!

So tonight the plan is: –
– home (possibly a little early as I am suffering with 5 hours sleep)
– clean up midden of a kitchen
– eat dinner – salmon & stirfry
– go to Sainsbury and collect cat litter & litter tray
– collect Trifle from Naomi
– home & pass out.

At lunch –
-call EDF energy for bills
-call council
-call Virgin & set up broadband and TV(not sure about TV but think I will as I have no signal)

16 thoughts on “Back in Black

  1. Welcome back! We must catch up, I have a little pile of bits and pieces to give you! Also if you can shed some light onto my domestic blindness issue of one of my saucepans. I think I am going a little loopy and can’t seem find it!

    • I know where the saucepan is – I am a fool and thought it was my mothers as she brought one along on Xmas day to make mash, but then I thought it was yours! I shall get it back tomorrow and drop it off at yours tomorrow evening! I am so sorry about that, I meant to tell you before I went. I also broke a bowl (clumsiness)- so if you let me know where they come from, I shall replace it πŸ™‚
      Have I managed to leave stuff there? I really am so blind.
      How you doing?

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