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      • I think you better not read my posts, I shall cut the Christmas ones as I am very excited, I am even looking forward to a couple of family fights! CHRISTMAS!!!
        (It does help I have done most of my shopping already)

      • I’ve done most of my shopping already too – but luckily I don’t have that many people to buy for!
        Don’t worry about the christmas posts – I’m not bothered about it – but I like knowing other people are excited and happy about it 🙂

  1. You hate Xmas because:
    1. It’s abnormal to embrace something so meaningless
    2. Everyone has something better to do, constantly, that doesn’t involve WANTING to do it. It’s the season of competitiveness.
    3. Xmas is about (allegedly) family, and ours is not normal.
    But, this Xmas will be about embracing the fact that IIIII am there, that competitively you have a great advantage ie your sister, Ireland, a great new job, no “obligatory” relationship and certainly the best presents ever (well I’ll try). Plus, our family will be the ragtails and scoundrels you manage to dredge up, and therefore far more normal than family being together that don’t actually LIKE each other.
    So without sounding too self-important. I am the catalyst to the Best Christmas Ever. So when you see the people bustling about aimlessly preparing/shopping/doing their best to find the perfect bandaid to their sad little lives, feel superior that you have the best sister in the world.
    Gah. What a load of twaddle. Just drink your way through it. That’s what I normally do.

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