I have purchased a new bike. Yay. I’m quite pleased actually, as a) Halfords was substantially cheaper than anywhere else b) I get the lights and rack on the back for free and c) they’re building it for me and I can fetch it in the morning. Or at least about 12:30 or so. And its this one, but actually silver and a lot better looking. It also has a nice comfy saddle and is big enough for me. I shall now have to unload my other mountain bikes and see if Mum wants the newer eBay one which is also too small for me.

While I’m house sitting for the lovely mortfrogs I shall cycle to work from Golders Green and it will be great! I shall then have thin thighs and a nice arse for my beachtastic holiday in Cape Town at the end of January.
And in other really good news, mum still has no clue that my sister is coming to visit at Xmas. It is all a nice big surprise! It’s going to be awesome.

Right then. I’m going for a 3 mile run and then will be glycolic peeling my face in order to look younger. I really doubt this will work but I am a sucker for products. I have been very productive today and deserve a treat! I have done 3 loads of washing, changed my bed clothes, and tidied my room. All I need to do now is cull my shoes. Which is potentially sad making so don’t want to.