Sick of Zone 6

I am now quite sick of living in the suburbian hell that is Kingston. Commuting takes ages, I’m wasting 2 hours a day sitting on trains and tubes and buses. I have no room for my stuff and I really miss my books.

Anyways, so I think I need to be in Zone 2 or 3 – less than 5 miles from the office so I can cycle to work. And I think I need to live by myself. But I need to live somewhere relatively safe as I do tend to come home late drunk.

So I’m going to look for somewhere to live and move in November.

3 thoughts on “Sick of Zone 6

  1. How about Zone 2, in Melbourne? *hopeful look* Actually, they only have two zones here, and Zone 1 is massive and isn’t worth living outside of.

  2. That was poor man. Very bad indeed. Almost a firing offence I think!
    Anyways, currently seeing(ish) a kiwi – I am being slowly converted to antipodeans.

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