More Brazilian life!

2nd random internet cafe of the week 🙂

I have been to Olinda today which is this beautiful old Portuguese city about 10 kms from Recife – it´s actually so close that it´s almost a suburb. It´s really pretty tho with different coloured old houses, 23 churches and a lot of hills. My feet ache! sight seeing in flipflops is not really recommended!
I managed to get the bus myself(with my skanky portuguese) and then hire a guide who showed me around.

I´ve been checking out the tourist tat for presents as well and I´m not sure that I shall buy anything, the only stuff that is good is the paintings and while I would definitely like to buy some art, I´m not sure where I would put it while I am living at Lou´s (I do have a little bit of wall space but not a lot and I want a big picture!)

This holiday has been prooving an excellent way of getting my head together at the moment, I´ve got loads of new plans and goals that I´d like to achieve in the next year or so. I´m going to restructure my debt and turn the bulk of the credit card debt into a loan so all I will have is 2 loans. Then I´m going to start saving as much as possible so that I can go to Australia for 6-10 months next year. 6 months working in Sydney, 3 in Melbourne and then maybe a month of travelling – Brisbane, Perth and the big rock place.

Anyways, tomorrow we´re off to Porto de Galinhas for 1 night for a couple of days of beaching and resting. Back on friday evening. Sat & Sun I´m not sure what w´re doing – I shall probably do some sightseeing round Recife and Monday we leave to come home 😦

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