So the rest of the company now knows that I’m leaving. And my team are gutted and demanding that I take them all with me which is really rather touching! And a few people have come downstairs to say how sad they are and stuff – well tough shit idiots – you all should have been politer and nicer to me and my team and worked with us rather than just dumping shite on us and blaming us for your own mistakes.

LOL. My boss is very unhappy.

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      • Ah. I swallow my irritation with them and just let them witter and do what they say. It’s not worth fighting them really – they are too thick to change so I just do whatever they say and quietly rebel(and think myself superior 😉 )

      • I’m at the “you said I should add something to my CV, can you give more details please?” with one agent, and another one I’m at the stage where they want my CV as a word doc, because a PDF file doesn’t suit them.
        In the first case I’d be more than add to my CV if it improves it (and my chances).
        In the second case, I spent ages working on my CV, and I really don’t want some retard changing it themselves, to suit whatever their own personal agenda is, and potentially making me look like an idiot who can’t preprare his own CV.

      • Yeah, out of every 10 jobs I’d apply for, I’d get 1 or 2 phone calls and the rest would ignore me or send standard rejection emails. Just apply for anything that looks interesting and they’ll get back to you if they think you’re right. Mass market rather than trying to fit every criteria they list.
        also put your cv on and – register and activate your cv – the quality of agents calling you is much better as they are proactive rather than reactive

      • seemed good too.
        and re the CV – just have to bite the bullet and send it as Word, however much that grates, I think.
        Sometimes it’s not worth fighting the system – just play it.

      • Have to say tho – about the PDF thing, I would just turn it into a word doc and send it – they don’t want to amend things (they are too lazy for that), they just want to remove your personal details and put their header over it. Prevents company from contacting you directly.
        Occasionally they’ll put it into their house template style but most of them don’t do that because its too much work. You could ask them if they do the template thing if you’re worried about that. Every place I’ve worked has wanted to see the CV in the way the candidate prepares it as it gives clues to what thei’re like.

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