The Problem with Shoes

Is that, like porn, you can’t really get enough of them.

So I think for the moment, I shall have to content myself with looking at designer shoes and not actually buying anything. I really need to save money at the moment, esp given I’m paying for an expensive operation and would like to buy myself some funky new clothes when I’m properly healed (heeled?) again. I’m going to be off balance for a while anyways so buying new shoes especially high heels would be really stupid, so I thought I’d indulge in a bit of shoe porn

Biba are back – entrepreneur Michael Pearce has aquired the rights to the name, and Tony Cappiello has designed a new collection. Its quite special.

Irregular Choice


Marc Jacobs

Miu Miu

One thought on “The Problem with Shoes

  1. Just in case anybody reading this is wondering:
    No. We do not have a stash of porn in our flat larger than her shoe collection. That would mean Five would have to stick to documentaries about sharks and car chases, and Hugh Hefner would be out of a job.

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