Weekend Cook Fest


The Puzzlers parents came to visit this weekend and I indulged in quite a bit of cooking. Sweet potato and green thai curry soup with lots of odds and ends to fill the meal out – marinated anchovies, hummous, tzatziki, cheese and fresh french bread. Yum.
Dinner was the ever delightful Yumcha – always such good service and the food was lovely.
And then sunday’s cookfest started. After some mini crossants for breakfast, The Puzzler and I started to prepare lunch. Avocado salsa served with smoked salmon for starters, followed by butternut and red pepper risotto and then Mum’s home made tiramisu. Very very good!
All a bit traumatic being on our best behaviour all the time and i’m quite exhausted from all the running around but it was lovely to see them and I’m glad the meeting of the parents went down well. (Yes, the parents met!)

2 thoughts on “Weekend Cook Fest

  1. Meeting of parents
    Our “meeting of the parents” happens this Saturday. Not cooking – Francesca suggested we go somewhere ‘neutral’, so we’re going out to Zizzi’s in Windsor. Hopefully it will go well πŸ™‚

    • Re: Meeting of parents
      Neutral is definitely a good idea! Its a pretty bizarre event and we were both really on edge. Luckily they got on quite well.
      At least in public, if they take a strange dislike to each other, they’ll behave! And besides the fact that they actually want to like each other makes it a lot easier.

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