So we returned from one holiday and booked another almost immediately. What a way to go.

Holiday Photos are here any broken links will be fixed tonight – I know there are some. Our adsl line is still randonly dropping out at the moment.

We flew to Nimes at a ridulously early hour of the morning. After 3 hours sleep or so which was a pity as I’m sure I didn’t get the full effect of Nimes which seemed like a rather delightful town. The airport however was the most painless airport I have ever flown too tho, we watched our bags being taken off the plane as we went through the single line customs queue and then about 2 mins later they arrived on the ramp, Oli collected the car and we were off.

The Car, was a shitheap. Er it was brandnew, a Volkswagen Touran, and possibly the clunkiest, unhandleable car in the world ever ! And I’ve driven some shitheap ancient land rovers and this was just sucky.

We did a Via Ferreta which was great – pics here and Dan hiked the Pic d’ Obiou mountain. (I got altitude sickness halfway up and had to return. We also did some sightseeing in Corps, #La Soutat – dam and lake, visited La Saletta NotreDame – a nunnery and refuge on the site of a signting of the Virgin Mary. (I blame the Magic Mushrooms). We also visited Die, a lovely town where we tasted some wines and stopped at Le Clap on the way back.

All in all a good holiday, only marred by my blood sugar levels crashing and peaking because of the lack of eating at regular times. Oli’s birthday present of a whistling Marmot was a cracker 🙂

Back to work where everyone asked if I had a good time (strange after no one at Haymarket asking if I’d had a good time or even appearing to notice if I was away) and things seem to be progressing nicely. Still like the new job.