3 Nut Curry

Time to try cooking this – 3 Nut Curry.

Butternut, coconut and peanut.

I don’t have any proper measurements, it’s all a bit approximate

But basically…

Sweat down onions and garlic and a red chilli, then add chopped butternut (in large chunks) and I tend to add peppers and chick peas – but use any other veg you fancy.

If you want to – you can make it more ‘thai’ or ‘indian’ by adding extra spices, but I tend to leave it as it is.

When the vegetables are becoming slightly tender, add tinned chopped tomatoes (and i tend to add a tsp of sugar to take the edge off them)

Simmer the veg for about 10 mins, and then add a tin of coconut milk (you may need more than 1 tin for 8)

To finish it off, add a large dollop of crunchy peanut butter. The peanut gives a fantastic edge to it.

Chop a handful of coriander and sprinkle it on just as you’re about to serve it.

Serve with brown rice,